individualPsychotherapy aims to improve a person’s health by increasing their awareness and acceptance of themselves. This increased self understanding is gained through giving attention to both conscious and unconscious processes, discovering how the past plays into the present.

Counselling has a strong focus on listening, exploring and identifying strategies to solve problems. Counselling tends to be more present-day focussed. The quality of the relationship with the practitioner is integral to the effectiveness of both.

The setting for counselling and psychotherapy offers a relationship in which you can:

  • Identify concerns and understand their impact
  • Heal old hurts and grief
  • Recognise and change patterns and cycles
  • Discover who you really are
  • Identify and build strengths
  • Develop creative new ways to be in relationship
  • Begin to create the life you want, attending to the obstacles that stand between yourself and your hopes

Over the years I have noticed that while people may appear well resourced and competent they can also be plagued by underlying feelings of inadequacy. These feelings hamper enjoyment of self, life and relationships. Together we seek to uncover the origins of these feelings and work towards building a more solid life giving sense of self.